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Purpose: The Media Ministry is a service of Christian Faith Fellowship Church (CFF).



The Media Ministry primary duties are to provide audio, video, photographic and website support for events and activities conducted at the church.

Duties includes but not limited to:


  • Provide CDs of services and selected events to members when requested
  • Provide or make available DVDs of services and selected events for church use
  • Provide technical and administrative website support to CFF ministerial staff and ministry leaders,
  • Advise ministerial leaders on potential items to post on the web, editing content submitted, and posting information on the website.


CFF Ministry Schedule:






 Jul 6,2014*     Jul 13,2014           Jul 20,2014               Jul 27,2014            

Bro. Liggins      Bro. Ridley            Sis. T. Haynes           Bro. McLean

Sis. Dawson     Sis Ware                 Bro King                    Bro Bookman                                        

Bro Dockery                                                                        Sis A. Haynes


Aug 3, 2014*     Aug 10, 2014       Aug 17, 2014            Aug 24, 2014

Bro. Liggins        Bro. Ridley            Sis. T. Haynes           Bro. McLean

Sis. Dawson       Sis Ware                 Bro King                   Bro. Bookman

Bro Dockery                                                                          Sis A. Haynes


Aug 31, 2014

Bro Ridley

Sis Ware


 Sept 7, 2014*      Sept 14, 2014     Sept 21, 2014            Sept 28, 2014

Bro. Liggins          Bro. Ridley           Sis. T. Haynes            Bro. McLean

Sis. Dawson         Sis Ware               Bro King                      Bro. Bookman

Bro Dockery                                                                             Sis A. Haynes


*Indicate battery change required for wireless microphones.

Note: Scheduled Members are to report no later than 8:30, conduct before operations checks, record the service and hand out CDs.





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