New Members

Delores Palmer
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Purpose:  To involve ourselves in ministry by integrating new members into the CFF family, laying a foundation for discipleship and maturity.

Goal: To produce spiritually grounded, active members.

Objectives:  The purpose and goal of the New Members Ministry will be carried out through the annual monthly orientations. The orientation provides new member candidates with an overview of the mission and beliefs of their new church family. A solid foundation for spiritual growth, maturity and active participation in the ministries of this local body is laid during the orientation. The use of the computer program, Church Growth assessment, enables the new member to understand their level of involvement in ministry, become aware of their spiritual gifts and their basic motivations. During the orientation the new members have an open exchange with the instructors and other new members and they are encourage to transition into the Discipleship training class and to personally become involved in ministry as soon as possible. Each new member is encouraged to write a personal mission statement.   

August 19, 2017 Workshop

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